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The Referral Advantage = The Referral Triangle

Many people understand the term “balance”. Unfortunately, not many people have taken the time to look at a broad spectrum of loan originators and compare numbers. Having the luxury of working with originators from all over the country in a vast variety of markets and housing types helps bring some interesting facts to light and has helped me create what I call, “The Referral Triangle”. This information shows that purchase transactions can be broken down into 3 distinct categories of almost equal value. These three areas not only generate business independently of each other, but when brought together, can provide an endless supply of complimentary synergies. This triangle literally feeds and grows itself, from itself! Here is how it works. Draw a triangle of three equal sides. Then label each side with one of the following 3 names:

1) Realtors® & Builders

2) Other professionals

3) Database and Consumer direct marketing

At the center of the triangle is Personal Development which provides the base to support all sides of your triangle.   By making yourself better, each side grows stronger and so does your business.  Learning, implementing and mastering your own Referral Triangle can take you and your business where you need it to go.

Realtors & Builders
Other Professionals
Database & Marketing
Personal Development

Improve My Tomorrow Provides Simple Coaching Solutions That Provide Real Results

Improve My Tomorrow Coaching offers mortgage professionals a series of coaching programs and options to suit every need from loan originator to company owner. From the individual executive program, to the exceptional group program, you can learn all the proven methods to help you create success in your business quickly.

The mortgage business is aggressive and unforgiving. Most loan originators and officers don’t have any system in place to routinely close an optimal number of loans. So why have our average loan officer clients grown their production from less than two closed loans per month to more than seven per month in as little as 180 days? The answer is that we teach proven systems and methods that work in any market! Originators, Managers, Owners, and support staff can all benefit, regardless if you are a Banker, Broker, or Correspondent Lender.

We offer Group, Self-Guided Coaching Plus, and Private Coaching programs. No matter which type of program you choose, if you apply yourself you will see a dramatic increase in closed loans this year. In addition, if you join my program you will receive access to our unprecedented Client Site where you will find lessons, support, and resources to continue to hone your skills. Why not get started now, so you can “Do something today that improves your tomorrow!

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