Realtors & Builders


Realtors & Builders

Realtors® and Builder business is easy to determine and understand. It is also the first and often the most over worked & over emphasized area of solicitation. Granted, that for many years this was the single largest source of purchase referrals, it now accounts for about 30-35% of all purchase lead referrals. Still the single largest source, but not nearly as large a market as it was in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. As this market has shrunk, more business is being controlled by fewer and fewer individuals. The ability to find a top producing Realtor® or Builder that will just start “giving you business” is less and less likely. This will often lead to many mortgage people chasing less and less productive relationships and wasting more and more time for less and less results. Realtor builder relationships can be tricky and demanding. Learn the strategies that help provide value and opportunities without just constantly reaching into your pocket. Become that professional that attracts business, not buys business!

Power Partnerships

9 Lessons - 6 Plus Hours of Video

This series with Terri Murphy contains proven strategies from more than 75 years of combined real estate and mortgage experience. Real tools you can use!

(See Full Power Partnership Lesson List)

Running the Realtor Route

Lesson Time - 26:56

A key relationship is often lost or never established due to a lack of consistent contact. Learn a simple strategy to attract and maintain those significant relationships you are trying to establish with the best agents in your market!

First time sellers

Lesson Time - 22:25

Everyone has heard of first time buyers; why haven’t you thought about first time sellers? Sellers represent larger values and greater opportunities than buyers do! So why not master this key strategy?

Girl Scout cookie strategy

Hidden Lesson

Nothing is more fun than having fun for a good cause around a great cookie! Do a good deed and grow your opportunities by sharing the love of some of the best cookies anywhere!

Working with Realtors

Hidden Lesson

This two part webinar helps you identify, attract, and build a value based relationship with the best agents in your market. You don’t need all the agents in your area, just a few like-minded professionals will do it all for you!

Breakfast, Lunch, Wine, & Wisdom

Hidden Lesson

It doesn’t matter when you meet, as long as you meet to EAT! The age old art of securing and maintaining productive relationships can be as simple as having a meal!

The Black Friday Sale

Hidden Lesson

Everyone else has a Black Friday Sale, why not you? See how mortgage professionals and their Realtor® partners have been working together to close those last few deals of the year with a fun and simple plan!

The Ultimate Open House Plan

Hidden Lesson

Mortgage professionals get Open Houses all wrong! Discover how you can exponentially improve your results by effectively engaging the Open House event in a whole new way!

My Name is CRIME, and CRIME Don’t PAY

Hidden Lesson

STOP paying for people’s leads! You are NOT a production assistant and you are NOT your agent’s marketing lackey! Learn to say NO by sharing common sense strategies that generate opportunities, not a long list of people who will NEVER buy or was also sold to others!


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