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Uncategorized Sep 08, 2022

Too many people loose business because they don’t pay attention to their connections! Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder; it makes it look in new directions. Loan officers are notorious for “assuming” relationships instead of nurturing them! Prime example is that many originators loose touch with their contacts, preapproved borrowers, and closed clients at an alarming rate. I have seen firsthand that very few people schedule the follow-up or even have a written follow-up procedure for each stage of their relationships. The lost income from those lost relationships is often far more than what that originator makes each year! Imagine that you could double your income if you had a follow-up procedure you followed?

I just ran into a group in the past few weeks that literally would DELETE follow-up tasks that were scheduled, just to clear the schedule! Yup! Just delete the task instead of doing the work, absolutely a sure-fire way to quickly clear your task list at the same time you shrink your bank account! You want to double your business? How about you just do the work?

News from the street is that we are seeing solid success with our back-to-school strategy and the housing obsolescence plan that it is rewarding to see such great feedback! These strategies work if you work them! Helping your realtor referral partners generate new listings and double side transactions goes a long way to keeping you in new referral opportunities!

It's time to work the accountant plan! For those of you who have been collecting and connecting with your accountants, NOW is the time to pick up the phone and execute the plan! It won’t work with everyone, but it will work with a few of them, and that is all you ever need!

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