See you in September

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2022

Many of you won’t remember this famous song, but the reality of our business is that September is one of the most critical months of the year. As we transition from summer to fall, vacation back to school, we look forward to the final quarter of the year. September can quietly make or break your year by what you do or don’t do! You must take control over your schedule to maximize opportunities. The key words are visibility and opportunity!

While each market is different, the transition from summer to fall brings with it many community events, school functions, charity fund raisers, and a huge number of harvest festivals of one kind or another. The key for all of us is to take part in one or more of these activities. Sure, you should attend as many of these as possible and network, but these events afford you the opportunity to share these events through Facebook® live, and even still pictures! More importantly, it gives you a chance to help promote these events while being visible to your market and possibly shared with others you aren’t yet in front of!

The other piece of the September puzzle is found in preparation for other events in October and beyond. If you are looking at Halloween as a target for event, now is the time to put your plan together and collect your team to execute. Creating your event timeline and task list is essential so you can have the time to do the job well. If other events for you are built around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or even and end of the year celebration; September is the time to get that ball rolling!

If you have a plan and would like to flush it out more, or if you would like to create a fall plan, feel free to reach out! [email protected]

Market moving information today and tomorrow. Unemployment & Employment data both today and tomorrow, new and continuing claims today and the August jobs report is Friday.


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