Midyear Adjustments!

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2021

June is coming to an end and with it the first half of 2021. Now is the time to spend an hour or so to review your year-to-date numbers against your business plan and see where the data takes us. Things to look for:

  • Purchase/refinance numbers
  • Referral partner closed referrals
  • Sources of opportunities
  • Marketing/prospecting response
  • Reality (including those currently in your pipeline and preapproved) compared to projections 

Once we have this data, we can also see who was involved in our purchase transactions on the listing side of our deals and see who we enjoyed working with and check their numbers to see if it is worth investing time and energy to make an approach? Remember, we aren't looking to grow numbers, we are looking to grow quality!

We also must check our systems to be sure everything is working as intended and make changes as needed. No system is perfect forever! Last, we must be sure our vacations/time off is scheduled! After a year of COVID-19 we all can benefit from vacations more than ever! 

If you need any help in setting any of these items up, just go to the website and use the "Business Planning Module" to guide you. You are also welcome to contact me:

[email protected] 

Michael F. White



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