65 Days left to get PAID!

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2023

October brings us into the fourth quarter of the year, the last three months to do all the things we set out to achieve. However, given the way our system works, we don’t get paid when we get the client to agree to the sale, we don’t get paid even at the point of sale, we get paid AFTER the transaction closes and sometimes even the second pay period after that transaction closes. What does this mean? Simply put, we have about 65 days left to meet a customer, help qualify that customer, have them find a house, get the offer accepted, go into contract, and then CLOSE, all before December 15th for you to receive that income this year! While all transactions up until December 29th will certainly count to your annual production numbers for 2023, it isn’t likely you will get paid for deals closing after December 15th in 2023.

With just 65 days left, you need to really focus on all the things you need to be doing to take advantage of each of those days. With October also being business planning month, step one in business planning is to identify exactly what you have at hand, what is likely to close, what you have as potential in the pipeline, and what you are going to do each day, to generate opportunities that will help you meet or exceed your income targets for 2023, at the same time building your pipeline for the first quarter of 2024!

The first place to start is to run your numbers!

  1. What have you already closed?
  2. What is already scheduled to close?
  3. How many Pre-approvals are actively looking?
  4. How many dormant pre-approvals can you rally?
  5. Where are the next opportunities coming from?

You need to make the most of your time so it’s important to have a plan and build a schedule that helps guide you to the outcome you are willing to work for!

Unemployment and continuing claims numbers today, September Jobs Report on Friday! These reports can move markets, so pay attention! If you have questions or comments, its [email protected]


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