Abundance of Opportunities!


If you aren’t doing business now, it isn’t because of a lack of opportunities. Numbers coming out from every direction are supporting both huge numbers of purchase loans and refinances for everyone to convert into closed transactions. And the numbers aren’t just in one sector, all levels of borrowers are buying, and people continue to benefit from falling rates in both the purchase and refinance arena.

Pressure is especially strong with first time buyers, many wanting to get out of renting while rates are low! We also see many people exploring opportunities to trade up into their “Forever Home” which has pushed resale activity higher than this time last year despite challenges with inventory levels. In fact, the “new normal” is suggesting that following inventory levels may not paint the real picture, as many properties are being sold within days of being listed for sale. In many cases, most of ongoing inventory are homes that are, or have been priced, way out of the market.

COVID-19 has made people really think about the way they live and what their priorities are. Working from home, home schooling, limited ability to be out socially has made the home more of an obvious importance. For some, the thought of renting any longer makes them ill! For others, the more time at home, the more they want a home that functions better for their needs. Either way, people are buying houses!

Freddie Mac also has indicated that there is about $11,000,000,000,000 (that’s ELEVEN TRILLION) in current mortgage obligations that are more than ½% higher than the current rates on the street! When you think that just ONE to TWO Trillion in loan volume is a banner YEAR for the entire mortgage market, you can see that opportunities are everywhere! Now clearly, with unemployment and forbearance issues, not everyone that would benefit can benefit; but you still are dealing with huge opportunities! 

If you’re having an issue getting in front of your fair share of these opportunities, or your current systems have you stressing; please feel free to reach out and see what I can do to help! [email protected] 


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