The mortgage industry is evolving at a rapid pace. New technology and new competition is changing the landscape in which originators compete. Banks, correspondent lenders, and brokers are facing challenges from all sides of the equation. On-line lenders, retailers, leads providers, and every conceivable outlet we know has made the choice that mortgage lending doesn’t need experienced mortgage professionals to make it work. In fact, many of us have actually proven the point for these companies by supporting them in this quest by financially supporting them.

With 2020 just around the corner, it is very important that you, your company, and the industry make some choices about who they are and how each of us chooses to move forward. Each of us will make a choice as to our own survival in this industry. Are you going to be part of the transactional/leads driven, call and convert group; or are you going to move into the camp of true mortgage professionals that understand the value of the relationship, quality of the client experience, and the generation and execution of a plan?

In 2018 I traveled the country sharing my “Crossroads” presentation that alarmed Realtors® and mortgage professionals as I shared the vision of how those people we were purchasing support tools from, were in the process of figuring out how to eliminate your job as you know it! Some cried, some got angry, many disagreed, but a few saw the vision and moved to insulate themselves from these predators.

In just two short years, leads companies and retailers have invested BILLIONS of dollars into platforms to reduce, or eliminate the need for, loan originators AND Realtors® as we know them! The quest for the “one stop shop” that lists, sells, and buys properties is now available. Some have already integrated the financing, title, mortgage insurance, and home insurance services as well! We are just months away from the transaction being controlled 100% by centrally operated enterprises through a handful of hired representatives. Don’t believe me? Just take a look around! Realtors® have given away the store and now pay for their own information back. Originators forgot how to originate on their own and now buy the same leads.

As this happens, who takes care of the customer? For some, it may be fine to point and click for a house or a loan, or all the support services involved. Maybe an algorithm can do a great job for some people? Maybe AI can pick your house, your loan, your insurance, your title company, your mortgage insurance plan, and the terms and conditions of your deal? But what about the people it can’t? What about the people who trust people? The people who really need people to help them put it all together? Who will serve them if we don’t take a path of education and service?

Business Planning 2020 will be a two-hour training event that will focus on the service aspect of the mortgage industry.

  • How will we work with our referral partners?
  • How will we generate opportunities?
  • Who are our new and future referral partners?
  • How will we work with technology?
  • Will social media kill or cure our business?
  • What can the plan look like?
  • What does your schedule look like?

If you are a mortgage company, train your loan officers or train your managers to train your originations team. If you are a title company or MI company, train your team to go out and train their clients. If your people aren’t aware, they can’t share this information with their Realtors®, client’s and other referral partners!

Training events will be scheduled on a first come, first scheduled basis. Business Plan 2020 trainings will run from September through October 2019. For those IMT Coaching clients, the live webinar will be the October Monthly Coaching Call.

For more information, pricing, details, and availability, please email: [email protected]

Ready or not, 2020 is coming!