Business Planning for 2023 - Part 3

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2022

We have gone over making the determination as to where we are. Then, we thought through and established where we wanted to go. Now it is time to figure out “HOW WE GET THERE!” The journey is the piece of the puzzle that can take some time to look at and may require a few adjustments along the way. The good news is, it doesn’t matter as long as we have forward and measurable progress! Here are a few questions we need to be asking. 

  • What is my market?
  • Do I know the market share breakdown of transactions?
  • What are the geographic divides, and do they matter?
  • Who or what is my competition?
  • Do we have obvious focal points of opportunity?
  • How can I best communicate within the community?
  • Who or what can I support to help diversify my connections?
  • Are there niche markets, properties, companies, or organizations?
  • What can I build up, build out, or build from scratch?
  • How do I take what I love to do and convert it into opportunities?
  • Who are the people or organizations I can support or assist?

Just like traveling from one place to another, there are often multiple options based upon several outside factors. Price is often a concern, so keep looking at solutions that a FREE! Be the one that joins the group and does the work, any work or task is not beneath you if it helps provide value and supports the outcome! DO THE WORK!

Next week we will be putting the pieces together and scheduling the work. Often it matters on how and in what order you try to assemble something. Scheduling and schedule discipline will go a long way to helping define the plan and its success!

If you have any questions or comments: [email protected]


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