Business Planning Week 3


We all know that this year has been one like no other. A booming housing market along with TRILLIONS of dollars-worth of refinance opportunities present themselves in a year where we are dealing with a pandemic and lockdowns. Many struggle to keep in front of it all and manage the best they can to do a fine job. Some are just buried under the volume and doing so without systems or the strategies needed to cope.

There is only so much time each day to get things done. While some can easily add a few extra hours to their work day at the expense of their leisure or family time, some are trying to put eight or ten or twelve deals a month into a system the performed poorly at five! It may not have been noticed as much at five units because all it took was a few extra hours a month of work to clean up after the poor system. However, when you try to double or triple the number of units, it just won’t work!

This week is a week to take a few minutes each day and commit to your schedule. EVERYONE needs to take this week and document some things to see what stands out:

  • What time do you start each day?
  • What tasks do you do and how long does it take to do?
  • Do any trends appear in you work day/ week?
  • Are you repeating items?
  • Do you ever deal with more than three emails or text messages on the same task?
  • Do certain days of the week or weeks of the month require more attention?
  • Do you take time off unplugged at least one weekend per month and at least 14 consecutive days once a year?

This information will help define the issues that need to be addressed. High volumes can help us expose the weaknesses in our systems and provide an opportunity to address it. You can’t “fix” something you haven’t identified as broken! Take a few minutes each day to gather the information. It will be the first step toward building a plan for 2021 that will help you function more efficiently and provide a better quality experience for your clients, referral partners, your team, and your family!

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