Calling all Accountants!

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2023

September is upon us, and Labor Day is behind us; the only thing to do this week and that is to CALL ALL YOUR ACCOUNTANTS! Remember when I shared with you that you were supposed to be collecting accountants from everyone you spoke with when you did your 9’s and 10’s questions? We also talked about connecting with accountants and tax preparers when we reviewed tax returns that our customers supplied to us. Well, now is one of the two times each year we MUST put those efforts to good use! 

The first full week of September for most accountants usually is the signal for them to reach out to all their clients they filed tax extensions for. Since those filings are due in October, now is when they begin the process of collecting documents and preparing those returns! Why is this so important to us? Well, it’s time to reach out and remind those accountants that when they have those conversations it is critically important to ask the question: “Are you planning on buying or selling a house in the next two years?” 

Think about it, these people tend to be either self employed or have multiple streams of income. With complicated lives and income streams, people can often overlook possible opportunities. What opportunities? Simply put, since they are filing in October for tax year 2022, they can also file again in February for 2023. This means that in less than six months, they will have TWO YEARS of documented income! Income that will either help or hurt that client’s ability to borrow mortgage money for that possible transaction!

This may not be important to many of those people, but for those people it does matter too, it matters a lot! Just putting yourself in position to make these calls and have these conversations with these accountants and potentially those clients, really can set you apart from your competition!

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