Calling your Accountants!

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2024

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a very happy and healthy new year with your friends and family!

The first week of the new year is prime time to connect with all your accountants. If you have been collecting the accountants from all the tax returns you have reviewed during your business, you should have a good-sized database of accountants that you have had a direct connection with through mutual clients. We have talked in the past about using these tax returns as a vehicle to connect with accountants to be certain the returns you have are indeed those that were filed! This interaction has established a connection for you to follow up with during the two times each year that accountants become the most valuable to you’ January and September! (September is connecting about tax extensions) 

Since each account that prepares taxes is likely to begin connecting with their entire databases to remind them about what they need to prepare those returns in the next few weeks, having a brief call with each accountant letting them know about the benefits of an “Annual Review” of their current mortgage situation to see if there is an opportunity to improve monthly cash flow! It isn’t always just about lowering the rate on the mortgage; it’s about lowering the total monthly cost of monthly financial obligations! Once you hit February, most accountants are far too occupied to accept your calls until well after the tax season.

We also have data to watch today and tomorrow that could move the markets, Thursday we have ADP numbers, initial jobless claims, and continuing jobless claims. Friday we have the BLS jobs report for December which will likely be closely followed by the markets!

2024 will be a year full of opportunities for us if you are prepared with a plan, and a task list and schedule to execute! If you have any questions of comments, you can contact me: [email protected]


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