Closing out 2020


2020 has presented more than its share of challenges for our industry, our country, and our families. While we in the mortgage and real estate industries have had recorded setting years, many people that surround us have set the kinds of records nobody wanted to achieve. Unemployment, business closings, and shutdowns have taken a serious toll. 

None of the volume or unit records in mortgage and real estate stands alone. The markets led the way with declining rates the desire for homeownership pressured the entry level market, the virus made us all take a look at our housing situation in a completely different light. For the first time the housing market wasn’t all about “Location, Location, Location!” The market has become all about “Function, Function, Function!”

We need to be sure we are aware of the things we can do to help as well as prepare ourselves for the coming year.

  • We should look locally to support food banks and other areas to assist those in need.
  • My wife and I always work through our Vet to pay for a procedure for someone who can’t afford medical care for a cherished pet.
  • Support local hospitals or first responder unit in your area with a lunch.
  • My favorite is to find children who are in need of a hand and fill their Christmas list.
  • Find a way to support those who have challenges you can help with.

The other area you need to prepare for is that refinances and purchase business aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Millions of loans in the market still above 4%! FHA loans with permanent MI that can be converted into a conventional product with either no, or less expensive and vanishing insurance. We haven’t even begun to talk about those who would benefit from selling their current home and buying their “Forever Home” now!

There is still much we can do before this year is done. We need to look both personally and professionally at what we can do to make a difference because we are all in a position to do just that!

Next Tuesday, 11/24/2020 will be the November coaching call. I will cover the Three Key Things you need to know to starting 2021 effectively. That will begin at 1pm eastern and will be up on the website on Wednesday the 25th!

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