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The election last week has created a number of issues and challenges for the housing and mortgage market. The additional information about a vaccine that is 90%+ effective against COVID-19 has also created a good deal of activity. The important things about these developments are to remain focused on the facts at hand and not what may or may not happen.

I have already had clients talk to me about questions they are getting about a $15,000 homebuyer credit or incentive to buy a house. Apparently Joe Biden made a statement about something along those lines and the internet has run with it. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t do a great job reminding people that Joe Biden isn’t president; no such thing has been detailed out or approved, so there is nothing to talk about except it may or may not happen, if and when it does, the details will make a difference.

 You must limit the conversation as best you can and deal from a factual base that requires the details so they can then be interpreted into reality. Remember the challenges with the last time there was a tax credit plan for first time homebuyers; it created a great deal of stress and in some cases, it burned a lot of relationships. So be careful until you know all the information and how your company will handle it and if it makes sense in your market. 

Consumers are also asking if we have hit the bottom of the interest rate market and the only answer I think is worth sharing is that we only know where the bottom of any  is long after we’ve hit it! If rates are good for you now, then pull the trigger on the deal. If refinancing is the issue, if you can save some money and its worth doing now, then do it. Rates may not go lower, but they certainly could. I have never had a crystal ball so all I can say is to watch and share information as it appears.

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