Could this be the end?

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2023

Could the rise in interest rates be over? The FED raised rates another 25bps and the markets are thinking this could be it. The next meeting is in September, so we will have a bunch of new data for the FED to digest before that meeting. We start that news with the ECB rate info, Jobless Claims, GDP numbers, and Pending Homes Sales today, with the PCE report tomorrow. If it all comes together, we might just see the long-awaited rally that we have been looking for. If not, we may need another CPI number to look good before that rally begins, but I still believe it’s not “IF”, but “WHEN” that rally happens. It won’t be as dramatic as you might think, but I believe it will be steady!

The real keys are not just the information but how people react to that information. If we can just get all the FED members to just shut up and go on vacation until the September meeting, we might have a chance! 

Pending home sales could also be interesting, while they won’t likely be very good, they might not be as BAD as some are thinking, and that could end up being a net positive for the housing market. Inventories are still an issue, but I think it’s more about agents not getting out and making the case to sell and buy, than it is anything else. It’s not rates, because anything that is listed properly in most areas sells quickly. Often with multiple offers. New construction isn’t helping much as far as production goes, so resales will have to be the market!

Back to school is soon to come to a community near you, so get those last-minute back to school buyers in and settled. Can be a real opportunity to be there if anyone needs to quickly get a deal turned around!

Next week I want to share some strategies to help your better listing agents generate some new listing opportunities!

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