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setting goals Feb 20, 2020

We are seeing huge numbers being posted in all markets of the country. Both purchase and refinance activity are at high levels and there seems to be no end in sight to all the opportunities that are in front of us. It is really important that we don’t miss this opportunity to serve our clients, inform the public, and assist our referral partners in providing accurate and important information to their clients as we share the wealth of value to be found in the mortgage arena! 

We have talked at length about being personal and professional. Putting the person back into the transaction by personally sharing opportunity, options, and incredible value is paying off in a big way. It is critical to be sure you are outperforming an already strong market. In fact, I have been suggesting to my managers and originators that updating their targets for 2020 by a significant margin should at least a discussion that needs to take place. You have to pay attention. Of course people are setting records for loan volume. How could you not? Every aspect of our business cries out to do exceptional volume. Millions of homes with mortgage rates over 4%, millions more with FHA loans and permanent MI, Jumbo loans that now fit conforming models, equity available to pay off debt or to trade up for the home people really want for the same monthly payment! With all of these opportunities it is important you keep focused on getting more than your fair share of business by doing the work the other guys can’t or won’t do!

If you normally are closing 2-3 loans a month and are seeing 4 or 5; that’s nice, but it’s not enough! Everyone needs to think in terms of at least two more purchase deals a month over your normal number, and a minimum of one refinance per week! Setting new standards for yourself, stretching out your targets a little bit, can really make a huge difference by the end of the year, so keep focused and push!

Special shout out to Nick & Kim Melton of Ruoff Mortgage. They made a commitment to spend four hours last Saturday making calls to their database about refinance opportunities. They put together ELEVEN refinances for their efforts! Great job guys, look forward to you reaching the target of 50 closed refinances by April 30th!

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