Fight for Fifty!


I want everyone who reads this to think about the possibilities, and then put in a plan to commit one hour a night on each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening to connect with your database and those around you to refinance fifty loans by April 30th 2020.

Think about it; what would it take for you to commit three hours a week for the next thirteen weeks to connect with those who can benefit from lowering their rate, term, changing loan programs, or just selling and moving completely?

Questions to ponder?

  • Who has a loan with a rate over 4.75%?
  • Who has a FHA with permanent MI?
  • Who has any loan with MI more than three years old?
  • Who has had a jumbo loan in the last seven years that could now be replaced by a conforming loan?
  • Who has large outstanding debt obligations over 15% interest?
  • Who could use equity to update or improve their home?
  • Who isn’t currently living in their “Forever Home”?
  • Who would benefit from selling and buying their forever home for about the same monthly payment?

Some or all of these apply to a good size portion of your database and your market! If you don’t ask these questions, then most people don’t know they have options!

It’s up to you to make it happen! Fifty refinances in the next sixty days is entirely possible IF you schedule the time and do the work! The “bonus” listings, sales, and purchase loans are just an extra added bonus!

Questions or comments: [email protected]


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