Focus on your people!

#end of the year Dec 02, 2020

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving last week. This week we need to talk about December and the fact that we need to really focus on our people. Our clients, our teams, our support staff, and most of all our families all require our attention. The steps are pretty simple:

  • Every current file in process that closes this month needs to be smooth and swift. Take care that any file scheduled to close the last two weeks of the month be clear to close no later than Friday the 18th.
  • All pre-approvals need to be contacted this week to determine their intentions. Are we looking every week at homes, are we looking occasionally for homes, or are we waiting until January to resume looking?
  • Those with files to close in January need to stay on top of information and timelines so we don’t start 2021 in a train wreck! Timelines make for smooth and happy closings!
  • Each of our referral partners needs a conversation week one! Are they working and what are they seeing? Gauge activity levels and be supportive with winning strategies. If they want to take off, support that as well and connect with them next year and move on to those who are working.
  • Take the time to listen to your team and their stories about the holiday schedule. It’s been a long year and many are over tired. Be supportive. You can prevent most of their challenges by being engaged and being sure everyone is following the plan.
  • Your database of closed clients’ needs a holiday message from you!
  • Your other professionals need to be up to speed on the new FNMA limit and how it is a huge benefit! Share the strategies!
  • Last but not least is to be available for your friends and families. You have had a great year and have been working really hard. So let’s schedule plenty of uninterrupted fun time with those that are most important to us!

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