Help Generate Opportunities #3

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2023

The last of the strategies we can employ for the end of summer 2023 when working with our Realtor referral partners to help generate new listing and buy side opportunities is the “back to school rule!” Back to school impacts families in many ways, but one of the biggest is the functionality of their current living situation. With kids possibly changing schools, shifts in schedules, and even just the geographic realities of where the house or schools are located and create stress.

That three-bedroom, one bath house was a great starter home, but now that the kids are heading to school, the busiest 9 square feet in the family’s life is the 9 square feet outside that one bathroom the morning of a school day! What is the value to that family in terms of monthly payment would a second bathroom represent?

Bunkbeds or separate rooms? What if we have children sharing a bedroom and now those kids have different sleep/wake schedules? Who has to go to bed at what time? Who has to wake up before the other? What would the monthly value be in having that extra bedroom so different schedules wouldn’t impact the family as significantly?

A home office or just a different floorplan can often change the family dynamic dramatically. A second story, split bedrooms, or some kind of change of space allocation? What would the monthly value be to that family to have a home that functions better for the entire family?

Geography. What if your current location is no longer the ideal location? Life means change and as families grow, geographic needs can change. The impact of geography can reduce stress, not to mention travel time by 10, 15, or 30 minutes per day! Think about how much that adds up to over a week, month, or year? How much monthly payment is that worth to a family?

Working with your agents to identify families and have these conversations right after the kids return to school can open up numerous opportunities to list, sell, and finance houses, but most importantly, make the lives of those we serve better!

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