If Not Now, When!


The question needs to be asked, “if not now, when?” Purchase activity is up, mortgage rates are at all-time lows, and millions have rates above 4% or have FHA loans with permanent MI that can easily be moved into a conforming loan.

Thousands more people would happily sell their homes and buy a new one they really want for about the same monthly payment, and there are renters out there who could own a home and pay less a month than their rent!

Literally BILLIONS of dollars in potential refinances and TRILLIONS of dollars in combined purchase and refinance opportunities right in front of you, so what are you waiting for? When are you going to get up and go do the work?

What strategies are you using to prospect? Right now some of my originators are averaging MORE than one transaction per prospecting hour! Why not you?

Some of my people are using our strategies to work with their databases, Realtor referral partners, financial planners, and especially current homeowners, to help provide opportunities for people to buy, sell, and refinance property every day!

Have you created you plan and scheduled your prospecting? 

Have you reached out to your referral partners and agreed on a plan?

Have you called all of your current pre-approvals and recast the amount they can borrow at today’s lower rates?

Have you called all your past pre-approvals and spoke with them?

How about every deal you lost in the past six months to someone with a lower rate? If they were so interested in rate alone, they should be happy to refinance now, right?

Are you working your schedule to be sure you are prospecting with purpose?

Are you closing in on 50 refinances by April 30th?

If you aren’t going to do the work when the market is at its absolute BEST, when are you going to do it?

People fail to reach their full potential for only two reasons; they either don’t know what they should be doing; or they won’t do the work! Nobody can be motivated to do the work, but I can certainly share with you exactly what you can and should be doing!

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