It's about more than just luck!


2020 has been a year unlike any other. While we began the year with lower rates, COVID-19 quickly took the spotlight. Despite shutdowns and layoffs, refinances boomed and the purchase market kept everyone moving. We have not been at a loss for opportunities with rates more than 1% lower than this time last year, refinances are almost double what they were and purchase business is up more than 22% nationwide!

All of this activity may have people just struggling to hang on to their sanity because of growing volumes, some have really grown themselves, their systems, and the types of referral partners and opportunities they have sought out.

While there are many that boarded the leads list train, others have made a different choice on how to grow their business. Some have hired production partners that funnel volume up to an individual, others have mastered the business to a point that they are closing 10 to 15 units a month by themselves with plenty of time for their lives as well. These people aren’t “lucky” to have managed these results, they have worked hard to master their craft and build a real practice.

It’s also not “luck” that some originators have developed strong relationships with accountants, financial planners, attorneys, and have large and well nurtured databases of people who not only repeat the process with them; but eagerly refer them friends and family members. When people grow their business by more than double in a year it isn’t luck. When originators make the choice to build a better team, create a better customer experience, and commit to closing loans on time and hassle free, it isn’t luck that generates the improved results! 

It’s been a record shattering year for the mortgage industry and there are many people that these numbers will recede once rates start to rise, regulations change the manner in which business is done; or the growth of call center and internet lending remove originators from the street and requires them to answer a phone; A select few will have a relational business model built on value, trust, and service that will allow them to succeed. 2021 will see significant changes. Are you ready, because it’s more than just luck!

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