It won't come to you!

Uncategorized May 11, 2023

2020 and 2021 are over. Rates are no longer in the 2% range and property values are not climbing at 20%+ year over year. Loan opportunities are not falling from the sky, and sellers aren’t calling agents all day every day asking how much they could get for their house! Rents aren’t screaming higher faster than home prices, and all cash investors are picking up single family homes if the cash flow warrants the deal. Otherwise, if you want a deal, you must go out and get it because it won’t just come to you!

The funny part is many lenders and agents think we are still in pandemic mode. Nobody wants to go to the office and work. Once popular meetings for agents by local real estate boards have been reduced or eliminated in many parts of the country, how many people get out and engage the public and just talk real estate any longer? I have a friend that is a lender on the verge of retiring because he and his partners are “aging out” of business, and its not because they can’t do the job or they won’t do the work, it’s largely because people have forgotten that if you want business, you have to go out and share with people WHY now is the time to act!

People are either going back into the office or working from home, either way, it’s an opportunity to work from the right home, or find one closer to work! There is no housing bubble and while mortgage rates will likely go lower over the summer into the 5’s, we aren’t going to see 2% rates again in the foreseeable future, and 5% is better than 7 or 8%! But you have to go out and make the case for WHY it makes sense to act now.

The market is going to be owned in 2023 by those who get up, get out, and TALK TO PEOPLE! Call center lenders will continue to layoff and downsize. Internet real estate companies will struggle to find a profit if they can’t get out and make the case WHY it makes sense to sell what you have and buy what you want or need!

It won’t come to you! But you can go out and get it!

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