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Uncategorized Sep 17, 2020

In less than a week since last week’s blog post, Karl Weiss in Arizona has put together 8 refinances, 1 purchase loan, two listing appointment referrals for his realtor referral partners, one of those appointments turned into a listing that is now under contract in less than three days, and a purchase loan application as soon as the sellers find their “Forever Home!” I asked you to spend just a few hours a week working the “Forever Home Strategy®” to secure 20 refinances, a few listing appointments for your realtor referral partners, and a couple of purchase deals. Karl took up the challenge and is well on his way to smashing all expectations! Great Job Karl!

The commitment to following the plan and providing the best possible client information and experience, while becoming a trusted professional in your market is a special one, and one that absolutely is worth the effort. But how will anyone know that YOU are that special provider? The mortgage professional with the knowledge, expertise, ability, and proven track record they are looking for? Well, I hope to make that easier for you than ever before. Next Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 during my regularly scheduled monthly coaching call, I will lay out for you the new “VRMS” designation for mortgage professionals. “Verified Residential Mortgage Specialist” is designed to set a standard of excellence, execution and delivery of the very best customer experience an originator can provide in your specific market.

This designation will include more than 25 hours of personal instruction. It will require proficiency in specific systems, procedures, technology, and delivery of mortgage loan in your specific market, more than 100 verified closed loans in the past 365 days as verified by your company and/or NMLS. We will also require specific customer feedback in the form of social media or written survey responses from the very clients served stating their satisfaction with their loan originator and the performance during the contact through closing experience.

Many of you reading this blog or watching this vlog post that are past or current clients of IMT Coaching LLC, may already qualify for this designation once your current information is verified! To find out more, please be sure to attend the monthly coaching call on Tuesday September 22, 2020 at 1pm eastern time. If you are unable to attend the call, you may contact me directly for more information.

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