Law of Attraction!

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Loan volume continues to surge for many of my clients and personal best numbers are coming in across the board. Companies, branches, teams, and individual originators are setting these important marks. We need to be sure and acknowledge these accomplishments, not just the top producers; but for each and every one on the team! It’s common that the top producers are recognized for company, region, area, or branch top performance. It is good to do and should be done. But often people fail to acknowledge personal bests in units or dollar volume for those who may not be at the top of the list, but set personal bests just the same. In many cases, it boosts the morale of those you acknowledge more than you will know.

One of the things being reported back to me from the street is that loan quality and credit quality are improving in all markets. I’m not sure why credit quality my people are seeing is getting better, but my feelings are that between refinances and trade-up buyers, we are seeing people who are already established and been through the process before, so they already know about maintaining a good credit score and all the benefits associated with it.

We also have to notice the way business is finding us. People who can comfortably quality for a loan tend to have friends who also qualify. Those who refinance or trade up are surrounded by those who will likely want to do the same. When you add that to the improved number of referrals from banks, credit unions, financial planners, and accountants; it isn’t hard to see why this is so. Much of this also comes from attracting the very business you really want by providing an exceptional client and referral partner experience. More and more we are finding that the quality of the experience matters! People who have had a great experience tend to refer more people than those who don’t! 

So make sure you keep focused on quality and allow that quality to attract the very borrowers and referral partners you really want to work with and to serve!

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