Looking Forward!

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2024

The power of looking forward is often lost on those who just move from one day to the next, one week at a time, or just looking at results on a month-to-month basis. These people lose the perspective of the kind of long-range view that can maximize results. Many things must be done in the moment, but it really helps your mindset and your business if you spend a little bit of time each week being engaged in the process of looking forward.

As you have noticed, my emphasis on annual business planning in October so we can implement and be scheduled to hit the ground running in the new year with a full head of steam. Maybe you have read my article about the three distinct and critical 90-day windows of opportunity to focus and generate business while leaving time to vacation and unwind in the gaps in between? I spend a great deal of time trying to prepare my clients with not only the structure and processes to succeed; but also, the schedule of activities that get them motivated and focused on doing more business at a much higher level.

For some of you it may just feel like the middle of June, but it’s the time to organize for the 4th of July holiday week! Why “week” you may ask? Because the holiday falls on a Thursday, which means that people will check out on Tuesday or Wednesday, and most will skip work on Friday, while others may be shut down the entire week! Sounds simple, but what about those who need to close? Who is working? Can I get a closing agent? What if we need a VOE and the company is closed that week? Are you already on top of these issues? Could you win business now because you are? You could, if you were sharing that information with your people and your market!

Our business demands that we focus on immediate details. Our long-term success depends on looking forward and scheduling the outcome we desire!

Market moved well on the CPI numbers and some of the FED comments pulled us back a little. Keep an eye on initial and continuing claims this morning, along with the PPI numbers. Could help move the markets. If you have questions or comments: [email protected]


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