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We have another week in the books and another surge in purchases and refinance activity. It’s impossible for anyone in the mortgage or real estate communities to complain about the lack of opportunities almost anywhere in the country! Purchases are strong, refinances even stronger. More people are hitting the market as we work out of the coronavirus lockdown and people have all kinds of reasons to buy houses, sell houses, or lower the cost of their forever home! The key for all of us is to keep making it happen! We have to push ourselves to communicate the messages that are resonating in our markets. We must push ourselves to make personal phone calls and share opportunities. We need to connect with people about all the options this market has to offer. We need to push ourselves to help make it happen in our area so that everyone benefits from what is truly an amazing opportunity!

We are seeing our strategies work across all sectors. Many very low budget, maybe even no budget, strategies generating one to two opportunities per hour! We have had a virtual open house generate a contract. We have had Facebook requests generate DOZENS of interested and engaged referral partners.

 We have seen video business cards and video preapprovals win the day for our buyers; and we have seen refinance opportunities turn into LISTINGS, SALES, and PURCHASES!!! Now we need to engage our accountant friends as they reach out to their clients about their July tax filings and make sure they are sharing the opportunity to improve the cost or the location of where their clients live!

We also need to engage local banks and credit unions about their turndowns or turn-away borrowers! So many have raised the lending requirements or ceased all mortgage activity! These are turning into HUGE production partners for those who are making those connections!

Last but not lease, many are using the tools to further help their realtor referral partners generate much needed listing inventory by following a few simple steps!

The opportunities are there for the taking; you just need to pick your plan, schedule the time, do the work, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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