Mentoring Series Step 4 - Attracting Participants

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2023

The Mentoring Mindset requires the commitment of providing and exceptional experience to those you serve. All of us know what a perfect transaction looks like, at least we should, but can and do we deliver this experience time after time? Consistency is challenging, but it is the foundation of your process to be seen as the exceptional provider in your market. In order to be that exceptional provider, you must be committed to that process.

Once we have our own exceptional experience defined and delivered, you need to share the message that it is your commitment to deliver that exceptional experience and that falling short of such, will be deemed a failure! Your clients and referral partners need to be aware of that commitment! You have to explain it, and expect if anyone feels you are falling short, they need to contact you immediately and share with you what needs to be done to correct the situation!

Attracting participants becomes pretty simple once you are delivering on your promise! You start by surrounding yourself with the other exceptional professionals in your market! This can be as simple as just asking people who they know that delivers an exceptional experience! I like to use the “Collecting 9’s & 10’s method. You simply ask people you know the following questions, on a zero to ten basis, with zero meaning you don’t have one, to 10 being truly exceptional:

  • How do you feel about your last Realtor®?
  • How do you feel about your accountant?
  • How do you rate your financial planner?
  • What would you give to your insurance professional?
  • How do you feel about your attorney?
  • Have you had a truly exceptional experience by any local product or service provider in the local area in the last six months?

This information is your roadmap to connecting with the best your market needs to offer. It also opens the door to referring to those exceptional professionals to those who didn’t have one when you asked them! Endless outbound referrals in which you have positioned yourself as the link! The more you make connections, the more inbound referrals you will see from those you have connected with! A powerful and effective strategy that only takes a few minutes each day!

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