Mentoring Series Step 1 - Mentoring!

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

Step one of this five-part Mentoring Series is called “Rules of the Game”. The reason is pretty straight forward, if you don’t know the rules of the game you are playing, you are likely to be outplayed by someone who does. This business can be challenging enough all by itself, don’t help your competition by not fully understanding the rules; DOMINATE them by MASTERING THEM!

Like any sport, there are rules, hard and fast, the very parameters by which the game can be played, and by failure to exploit them, lose a key advantage. Most mortgage professionals fall prey to only knowing what they were shown, but never go beyond that to see what is possible. When exposed to all the things that are possible, they can learn to master a system and a series of “plays” (processes), that will help them far outpace their competition. The key is to focus on the aspects of your game, based upon your skill set and the skills of those around you. Some skills can be coached up, but some skills require certain abilities. You can coach a 5’6” 145lb man all you want; he will never be the starting left tackle in the NFL.

You have to look at your team and your market; the types of business that is available, and the abilities and skill sets of those around you and create your playbook. Here are some questions you can begin the process with.

  • How much business is available in my market?
  • What type of business is available in my market?
  • How much market share would I need to reach my targets?
  • Who are the PLAYERS in that market?
  • What skills will I have to master to stand out in my market?
  • What will me opportunity generation to conversion likely be?
  • When will I do what I need to do to succeed?
  • How will I track my efforts and the outcomes?

These are a good place to start. Some of these questions may lead to other questions, but it is a starting place. The important thing is to START!

If you have any questions, it’s [email protected] or message me in the comments below.


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