National Issues - Local Implications!


Racism, Defund the Police, COVID-19, Forbearance, credit costs, QM, falling rates, unemployment, China, capacity issues, and add the election into the mix; and we are really dealing with all kinds of issues we have to navigate. Most of these national issues impact us on a local level in different ways. In some markets and locations, these can weigh differently. As a local professional, you have to pave the road to a successful transaction by being certain you have dealt with all of these. Even if some of these issues aren’t really moving the needle in your market, your clients and referral partners may have concerns about them none the less.

Professional awareness can often be your biggest asset. When we focus on the quality of the customer experience, we help create peace of mind. That peace of mind can make all the difference to your clients and your referral partners. Let’s be honest, anyone can go online and have a bad experience financing property. In fact, most people actually expect the mortgage experience to be full of delays, frustration, misinformation, and additional costs. Imagine what happens when all of that doesn’t happen to your client?

The differences in those with transactional thinking mechanics verses those who are grounded in relational thinking, focusing on the quality of the client experience are vast. In the real world, the transactional focus can only compete on price. Quality has no limits. In fact, a quality experience doesn’t have to take longer or even cost more money. The thought and the systems are just different. That said; try to get a person working in a call center in Detroit to understand the issues with an FHA loan with a seller’s contribution in Indiana, or a $600K VA loan in Virginia, or how to use a single pay premium MI to make a deal work better for a client in Iowa? You see location matters. Local expertise matters. Some or all of these national issues may or may not mean something to you, your borrowers, or your referral partners; but many of them have questions on how some or all of these things will impact their ability to get a loan, close on time, at the price they agreed too!

So keep in mind your value is more than rate or even speed. It’s about the quality of the experience to those you are working for and with!

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