On toward normal!


Depending on where you live, the lockdown due to coronavirus is loosening and people are heading out in increasing numbers. Some locations more so than others, but the time to “flatten the curve” has come and gone and people are ready to go more and more each day.

It becomes important for each of us to keep connecting with our people to gauge participation rates and activity levels. If 100% equals life’s activities before cornonavirus, you need to get a feel where your area’s participation levels are on a regular basis. It’s important to stay on top of this because you will either be out in front of the information and activity; or you will be run over by it!

The one thing we know for sure is that home purchasing is really part of the process coming out of corona; purchase mortgage activity is up 9% year over year! Think about that for just a minute. We are seeing 9% MORE purchase activity during the shutdown and return to more activity levels than when we were in our usual spring buying season last year!

We all know the many reasons; we have talked about it repeatedly! The key to getting in front of this wave is communication. Your clients and referral partners need your perspective almost as much as you need theirs! Sharing information and offering options as we move back to work is critical, and the speed at which the return happens could very well be exponential! Oh yes, we are still seeing huge refinance activity as well (better than 60% of all loan applications are refinance) so it’s important to keep connected and communicating.

Most importantly, keep your referral partners in the loop and help provide strategies that generate opportunities for both of you! Realtors need help with listings and qualified buyers. Accountants and Insurance people need help with annual reviews. Financial planners and attorneys need new referrals or support with their own clients!

As we move on toward normal, we will realize that some changes we have made will be permanent and need to be adjusted for. Some new babies, a few divorces, those that will now work from home or home school their kids! Some people will want new space, more space, different space, or a whole new way to live. Others will be happy just paying less for what they have! In all cases, you can be the one that helps make that process happen!

So pay attention to your market, your people, and your process! There is a lot to do and you need to be prepared for the opportunities that will present themselves to you if you just engage the process!

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