Part 3 – Connecting

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2023



Connecting creates opportunities. Failing to connect leads to failure. Connecting incorrectly is worse than not connecting at all, because it leads you to believe you are doing something of value but are wasting valuable time. As part of business planning for 2024 it is important to look at how you are connecting with people as well as the people you are connecting with. Here are some simple things to look at: 

  • Personal Connections
    • 10 personal calls or interactions per day
    • Birthday calls
    • Anniversary calls (annual reviews)
    • Follow-up or update calls
  • Professional Connections
    • Social media posts, tags, or shares
    • Realtor support posts
    • Other Professional shares
    • Product & Service provider posts & shares
  • Information/Value Connections
    • Video tutorials
    • Video coupons
    • Video professional support
    • Local event support

Your business relies on connecting with people and by providing exceptional value in the process. The quality of the service is often judged by the quality of the experience. The quality of that experience is often dependent upon how much value those around you feel you represent. Your business plan for 2024 must be connection and value driven. People are attracted to quality and value, especially when making life changing choices. Be that professional that provides exceptional value through an exceptional customer experience and surrounding yourself with others that do the same.

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