Plan, Do, Review, Adjust, Redo!

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2023

You all know that I am very committed to business planning and scheduling. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish and then plotting the course and scheduling the work is a foundational part of what I share with my clients. It is so important that not only you have a plan and a schedule to execute, but being very specific in what you are trying to do and the results you are expecting are critical.

Too many people in our business don’t plan at all, they just prognosticate and then hope it all works out. As I have said before, “Hope is NOT a strategy for success!” Mortgage professionals have a very bad habit of just throwing numbers out there into the universe like, “I’m going to do ten deals a month”, or “I want to close $50M in loans.” But very rarely do they break it down as to HOW it is going to happen. Key questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. What is my conversion rate on the leads coming from all sources?
  2. Who are the specific people who I expect to refer to me this year?
  3. Based on the “Referral Triangle” concept, am I as balanced as I need to be, or do I still have targets to acquire still?
  4. Am I basing my estimates on actual data or just projections?
  5. How frequently will I review my numbers and adjust?
  6. Given my market, how many purchase transactions can I expect in 2024?
  7. Given my database and social media connections, how much will they need to grow?
  8. IF we see a steady decline in interest rates, what are my additional expectations for both purchases and refinances based on my business plan?

It helps to have names and faces to go with your plan, even if they are just known potential targets or even if they are unknown future targets, having that listed helps keep you moving forward toward your ultimate targets of production and referral partners. Scheduling time to review and adjust will help keep you on track!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out: [email protected] and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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