Planning for Summer

Uncategorized May 25, 2022

As May ends, people begin their thoughts of summer. Mortgage professionals are no different. Anyone who knows me and works with me understands I stress the value of vacations and time away from work unplugged. I push for a minimum of two full weeks unplugged from the work arena and a series of at least three more long weekends disconnected from work.

The summer can provide significant opportunities for fun and frolic, but also can lead to some really challenging issues if we fail to plan and account for everyone’s needs for time off. Time away from work can mean different things to different people. Some want a traditional time block of days away from work. Others prefer to take a few days or even hours off to meet their specific schedules. It can all be managed if we all get together and communicate the needs of everyone so that the planning can be made to include most, if not all, of the details that make it all work.

Things to account for are

  • When are you needing the time away?
  • When do the players on your team need time away?
  • Who covers for whom while time off is given?
  • What roles can everyone comfortably cover?

Now that is covered, we have another series of questions:

  • What schedules need to be changed?
  • Shorter workdays or work weeks in play?
  • When will everyone have their desires ready to sit down and participate in the time off discussion?
  • Everyone needs to be part of the process. 

As always, these situations can be challenging but can also show how much you value your family and those you work with. If you need help working through these issues, its easy to ask me: [email protected]


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