Planning Step #2

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2023

Last week we spoke about the limited time left to get deals in that will close and get you paid this year. It is part of the overall business planning process I work my people through so they can close out the year strong and be building into the next year as they complete the current year. Last week we looked at where our opportunities have come from this year. We also were looking into how many files were completed, scheduled to close, under contract, as well as the total number of preapprovals we have in our queue, both active and dormant.

This week we need to take a good look at where those opportunities are coming from this past year, the past six months, and the past three months. Referral partners can ebb and flow with opportunities, sometimes it’s just the way things go, but other times there are real reasons they have increased or declined in those opportunities. We also want to look at our own activities from both consumer direct and the marketing efforts of our own databases. What have we done? When did we do it? What was the return for having done it? How long did it take to see a return?

This information may or may not be surprising, but likely there are a few things you can learn from this exercise that can lead making a push at those kinds of activities again before the year ends; or know that these things are valuable to our annual efforts, or maybe need to be replaced? The data is what the data is; you need to make choices based upon what you have done in your market, and to track the results to either keep, adjust, or replace that activity!

We also have seen the markets trying to digest the jobs report from last week, war in the Middle East, the inflation reports from both yesterday and this morning, along with this week’s initial jobless claims and continuing claims. All these things can cause reactions in the markets and impact mortgage rates both up and down. You need to be aware of these things as they happen so you can answer questions your clients and referral partners ask you.

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