Positive Connections = Positive Results

positive connections Apr 16, 2020

As we all share this common experience dealing with coronavirus and how the markets are impacted by it; it would be very easy to fall into the trap of negativity. With so many people’s lives being changed, with so much uncertainty, it is easy to see how this can happen. My message this week is to think and act in a positive way with your clients and referral partners and watch the stream of positive results that follow!

All across the country I have originators who have actively been working the phones and talking to their clients and referral partners. Each call is meant just to check in on them and ask how they are doing. Some have met with some negative responses and grim outlooks. In each case, the plan is to accept the issue and try to present a positive solution. It is amazing how even the toughest calls have been converted into a positive result! These positive results make the client happy and the mortgage professional happy; they also have resulted in opportunities for new business or new referral partners!

From the street, a real life view:

  • We found a local pet store that will deliver pet food to elderly clients so they don’t have to leave their homes.
  • We have identified a paint supply store that will do a Zoom meeting to show colors and designs with a client online, and then deliver all the supplies and guidance to do the job!
  • While calling clients, one loan originator spoke with eleven clients who were going to go into forbearance without understanding the whole story. After a short conversation, NONE of them found it to be a good idea to stop making payments!
  • While checking in with referral partners, one agent referred another agent that was having trouble contacting her “in house lender”. She quickly had a call and worked with the new client via Skype and email to issue the needed preapproval for the new contract. 7 hours from contact to loan submission!
  • During one call with a current preapproval that is on hold because they can’t see properties, this loan originator shared a way to use the stimulus money to improve their potential next purchase and avoid hurting their chances of buying their new home!

There are more stories to share, but the message remains the same; if you reach out with a positive message, you will likely find a positive result! So keep connecting and keep sharing positive strategies to help your people move forward!

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