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We can only take so much bad news and negativity. We are all up to our necks with information overload, and most of that information is FALSE or purely negative! Just yesterday I was told by one of my clients that a “Realtor” in their market were telling people to take “advantage” of the “free money” and to NOT make their first three mortgage payments after closing on their new home! Even a “trusted” resource, CNBC, spent last week telling people to sign up for forbearance so they didn’t have to make mortgage payments! You can’t make this stuff up and it all the more reason for YOU to have recorded your own video and shared it with your clients, referral partners, and on social media, really explaining the issues surrounding forbearance and also possible first payment defaults on new loans! 

I wanted to focus this week on a few POSITIVE things you can be doing and information you can be sharing with you people! There is life after coronavirus, and more likely sooner rather than later!

  • If you have a database, you need to call each one of them and get an update of their situation. You might be in a position to refinance their current loan, sell and buy their next house, or prevent them from making a poor financial choice!
  • Your current preapprovals need a vision of what life looks like when the markets reopen and they have extra options due to stimulus money! Bigger down payments, paying down or off debt to improve credit scores, or to even be able to borrow more money on their next home!
  • If your client is laid off or furloughed from work, it’s very likely they will be getting a financial boost from the combination of state unemployment AND an additional $600 federal payment each week. This might result in MORE net personal income then they had before! Using this, along with stimulus money could also produce lower debt ratios, higher down payments, and better credit scores by paying down debt!
  • We will likely see a large increase in the birth rate come November, December, and January! These people may need bigger homes, or move from renting to owning.
  • Unfortunately, we may also see a rise in divorces come September and October as the stress on relationships reached well beyond their limits.
  • Last but not least, who are the people who can’t stand the thought of living in their home any longer and need extra bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, or yard? 

You need to set the record straight! Call your people and share the truth and the available strategies to come out of this challenging time with a huge advantage that is really pretty simple if you just know what to do!

Be that positive person. Show your people a path. Share success strategies and help prevent people from making choices that could have a huge impact on their lives for years to come!

Be Honest! Be the expert! Be a leader!

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