Setting up for the 90 day PUSH!


It’s the last week of August and that means it’s time to run all the numbers and set up for the 90 day push! Yes, we have just 90 days (or there about) to get files into the system that will close and count toward your numbers for 2020. It may be hard to imagine, but summer turns to fall and before you know it, it’s 2021!

So a few steps we need to take. First is to run all you numbers for units, closed loans, loans in process, and pre-approvals out looking so we know exactly where we stand.

Second, we need to compare our number to our projections we made in our 2020 business plan, and see by how much we will exceed those numbers and if they tell us anything we need to know. Likely your numbers have already past those you projected for the year, but we need to look and target the opportunities and the new targets for the close of 2020. It’s important to look and see any types of numeric achievements, like 150 or 200 or 300 closed units. Maybe you are more dollar focused and it is possible to reach 20M or 30M or 50M or 100M in annual production? It’s important to be aware of what you have done and what may be left to do to complete this year in a way that you are not disappointed by a result you might have been able to secure had you made the effort!

It’s also important to really take a good look at your marketing calendar! If you are planning to engage in any types of special events for any of the many holidays in the 4th quarter, you really need to be planning carefully. With COVID-19, we are seeing the elimination of many events we are used to participating in. Will we have Halloween? What about Black Friday? What about all the gatherings, events, and parties? Taking some time to think about deadlines and possible “Plan B” things you can do are really important. I have already been working closely with a few people on some of these plans just in case we aren’t able to work with our traditional plans!

So I know it isn’t easy to wrap your mind around the end of the year right now, but the fact remains that you only have about 90 days to get your business in order for the results to show up in this crazy year of 2020!

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