Seven Weeks Left

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2022

The elections are done, the markets are sifting through the results and thinking about what it all means. The ten-year treasury auction was about as bad as it gets, and we get the CPI numbers this morning that will push the inflation issue to a series of new discussions. Then there are all the internet click baiters that will push a housing narrative that is loaded with tragic headlines so that people are forced to click and look at the wreck!

You have choices, and so do your clients. Everyone lives someplace. You rent or you own. There is a cost either way. Historically, ownership is the chosen path for better than 65% of the population and remains the “American Dream”. The key to getting in front of those people who are in a position to make that choice is actually easier than you think, provided you have a plan and can make the math overcome the fear.

Using the IMT coaching website, use the many 4th quarter strategies to get in front of opportunities.

  • The Power of Pie
  • Birthday Calls
  • The Black Friday Sale
  • Customer appreciation events like day/night at the movies
  • Help us pick your new neighbor
  • Small bank and credit union route run

All of these will help you get out in front of the people who are actually in the position or have the need to sell a house, buy a house, or having an issue figuring out if buying now is the right path for them today!

There are just seven weeks left in 2022. How many people will you help get into their new homes before the calendar turns to 2023? Repeat after me, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” Just seven weeks until 2023; so, what’s it going to be?

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