Show me your twenty in 2020!

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

September is here and so begins the countdown to 2021. Many people will be happy to see 2020 go, but for most of us in the mortgage business, 2020 has been rewarding and in many cases, EPIC!

While having one of my coaching calls, I was speaking with a client about looking at the possible year end numbers and trying to set targets for the next 90 days, and one of the things he could agree too was committing a couple of hours in the middle of the week to connect with his database using the “Forever Home Strategy®” to generate an additional 20 “extra” refinance opportunities and within that effort, locate a minimum of three new listing & sale opportunities for his realtor referral partners.

Given his market and commission structure, the net income for these twenty transactions would generate an additional $50K in income that he was going to use for a combination family adventure, home improvements, and some targeted charitable donations! If he generated more than 20 transactions that would close and get paid on in 2020, he would just make more and larger charitable donations.

After thinking about this I thought that this was to good an idea not to share with everyone and see what all of you could do in a couple of hours a week to find your extra 20 in 2020 that you can reward your family, friends, and those in need in a year where we as an industry have been blessed, but many around us are hurting financially. The rewards to those around us as we have labored this year has meant time away from our friends and family; even during the pandemic and lockdowns we have seen record setting production. Now is the time to commit a few hours a week, to serve those people who could save some money or find another home. At the same time refer some listings and buy side opportunities, do something nice for those around you because you can!

So who is up for “Show me your twenty in 2020?”

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