So, what's the excuse now?

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2023

First, let me say that I appreciate all the kind words and messages about the series we just completed on mentoring and the mentoring mindset. It’s always nice to put in the work and be rewarded with a great outcome; so I thank you all for your support!

Following that thought process, isn’t it interesting to see all the excuses as to why more houses aren’t selling or that we aren’t doing more loans? It really is something, here are some of my favorites:

  • Interest rates are too high and nobody can buy a house now! Well, average rates for 30-year fixed rate loans have averaged 8.76% since the 1970’s, plenty of homes were sold with rates much higher than they are now!
  • Inventory is low because people won’t sell and give up their 2.5% mortgage! Some may not, but 35% of all mortgages in place now are over 4%! Not to mention, a significant number of those low interest loans can be assumed, making them a greater asset!
  • Nobody is refinancing anymore! Not true! Refinancing still makes great sense to those who are weighted down by credit cards, car loans, or are scared of their rising HELOC payments. In fact, some people are better off selling a home, paying off their debt, buying a new home with a higher rate mortgage and lowering their total monthly payments without the penalty of a cash out rate!
  • The flip side is now we have borrowers who can get offers accepted, seller’s contributions, use VA/FHA/USDA/ and other programs that sellers wouldn’t look at just a year ago!
  • Don’t buy into the biggest excuse, “everyone is hurting!” Well, not everyone! I have clients that are going to have record breaking months in March and April! And, they are not just low level producers, they are people who have a plan and just keep working it!

You must have a plan that includes diversity of opportunity, as well as be committed to doing the work needed! If you need help with either, [email protected] and let’s talk about it!


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