Stop stressing, start scheduling!

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2021

So many times, people will ask me why some people are far more productive than others? Why some people are more organized than others? How is it that some people get far more done in less time than others? Well, to me the answer is largely that people who do more, are much more likely to be more scheduled in their actions and activities than those who aren’t.

I learned early in my career from a well-established loan officer that you can spend all your time trying to remember what you were supposed to be doing next, or you could spend your time doing the things you needed to do. It’s a choice. 

Back then, we didn’t have CRM’s to auto populate tasks and activities into our schedule for us, but we could use a planner to schedule WHEN we had to look at or review something or when we were going to do things like appointments or prospecting. Just like high school, some days our schedule had the same classes at the same time, some days we had different classes at different times. Some days we had off! The point is, if you manage your high school schedule, you can create a work schedule for yourself as to WHEN you were going to do things on specific days and then just drop those tasks into the appropriate time slot each day. In the event an unscheduled event or opportunity presents itself, you can simply reschedule the other tasks accordingly.

I spend a good amount of time outlining this in the scheduling advantage on the website, but the gist of it is, always schedule yourself as to what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. It does take some work, but just like high school, you will adjust quickly and be able to get far more done in less time! 

You can proactively schedule your success, or you can reactively stress yourself on an almost daily basis. The choice is yours!

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