Talk from the Street!

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

I wanted to share success stories from the street of real originators and managers who are using the strategies to improve the number of opportunities and create new relationships. It never gets old when execution leads to, or even exceeds anticipated results!

Running the bank route. In an effort to create new opportunities from small banks and credit unions, they followed the plan and selected ten locations within 10 miles of their starting point (office) in each direction N/S/E/W. Following the schedule, they would be able to visit and connect with forty locations every month. The second week they ran into a small bank that was closing their mortgage division and this manager was able secure a complete branch office and about 35 million in production when he hired the whole team as a unit. The branches still refer their mortgage opportunities to the same team they know and trust, and those clients are better served with a wider catalog or loan products at a better price.

The next strategy from the street is a personal favorite and is the gift that keeps on giving! Birthday calls! I have an originator that has taken this strategy and used it to increase his business three-fold, while improving his connection with his database, client connection, valued communication opportunities, and a measurable increase in past client referrals, just by spending a few hours each month calling his clients on their birthday and wishing them a Happy Birthday! Sounds so simple, and it is, but you do have to do the work and make the calls. You also do it regardless of any other types of marketing you are doing by email or snail mail for your clients. Not a sales call, just a “Happy Birthday” message or call. The past few weeks this loan officer shared with me that he made a little over 50 calls. Engaged in extended conversations with 8 clients. Which resulted so far in 4 loan applications for loans totaling over one million dollars in total volume and more than $15,000 in personal commissions! So, there were ZERO marketing costs, just pick up the phone and call. This habit generates this originator about $300 per hour for his efforts. Not a bad use of his time and energy, and the big bonus is, he LOVES making the calls even when they don’t result in a loan, sometimes they result in a future referral or just a great feeling of making someone happy!

The strategies work if you work them. What strategy will you employ before the end of 2021 to help Improve Your 2022? If you need help, it’s [email protected]


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