The Final Days of 2020!

business planning 2021 Oct 01, 2020

Here we are in October and as always, we must take some time and make our final coarse corrections to navigate the end of the year. The things we must be fully aware of are:

  • When is the last day I can accept a new loan application that will close in 2020?
  • Refinances are also dealing with the likely fifty basis point hit to agency loans on December 1st if nothing changes.
  • Who are the referral partners that are meeting or falling below expectations?
  • What are my personal projections for the remainder of the year?
  • Are there any targets in units, dollar volume, or activity that we can make a stretch for?
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Who are the five new referral partners I want to add to my network as part of the 2021 referral group?
  • Where am I on the 20 extra refinances?
  • Get your CE done NOW if you haven’t done it yet!

We are going to tackle Business Planning this month as I always do in October. Setting up this mini-plan to navigate the end of this year will help set the stage!

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