The Power of the Plan!


We are going into the second full month of coronavirus 2020 and never has there been a more important time to be sure your plan is in place and you are adjusting as your market conditions guide the way. Not all markets are the same, restrictions and personal beliefs vary widely, the importance of you planning and connecting with your people has never been more critical.

Next Tuesday on the monthly coaching call we will go into great detail on the strategies that are paying off big for the people in our program across the country. Some of the winning strategies are:

  • Connecting with clients and gaining information and opportunities.
  • Forbearance is NOT forgiveness, and how to save your people from making a HUGE
  • Good to great credit scores are now a requirement of the future.
  • Financial literacy can lead to generational change.
  • Connecting with local experts via video can pave the way to stature, credibility, and new opportunities.
  • Keeping yourself consistent and in your “routine” may be as simple as just doing what you have always done, just differently.
  • How and increase in the rate of child birth, divorce, working from home, and cabin fever will lead to a significant number of listings, sales, purchases, and referrals for you and your referral partners.

ALL of these strategies are already generating opportunities and working in all kinds of different markets. You need to already be working your plan in anticipation of your market opening back up and the needs and opportunities that will come from it. Waiting to “figure things out” after the recovery begins will be too late!

Be sure you are on the call next Tuesday, April 28th at 1 pm EDT. If you aren’t already an “Access” customer, you still have time to go to the website: and subscribe to “Access” and get an invitation to attend this important call. If you can’t make the call at the scheduled time, the call will be recorded and placed on the website for you to access at any time you like, along with all the other strategies and information. 

We are also offering a discount if you register for Access now. When you sign up use the coupon code ACCESS to receive a $20 per month discount for as long as you are a subscriber. There is no contract you can cancel anytime.

We are also starting to populate our YouTube® channel, Improve My Tomorrow Coaching over the next few months a few items at a time. Please take a minute to subscribe to the channel and share with your friends.

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