We need to ask WHY?

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

Are they facts, or are they excuses? Are the reasons people are not getting what they want, or even afraid to TRY and get what they want, based on the facts, or are they fiction?

I just wanted to pose three questions today and have you just think about them and maybe do a little of your own investigation and start asking some questions.

  1. The reason we aren’t selling more houses is due to the lack of inventory! If that were true, why did we have more than six million home sales last year, highest total since 2006?
  2. Higher interest rates are killing the market. If that were true, we wouldn’t be on track to sell more than 5.7 million homes this year, which would be the second-best total since 2006.
  3. They are losing business to all cash buyers. Yes, all cash buyers are higher than average for sure. We are seeing about 30% nationwide, but the average of the last 21 years is 26.4%. So, is that increase really causing all this pressure?

Why is it people choose to believe what they do? Are some of these facts really leading to the conclusions people are jumping too? Are there reasons to panic? Is the information harmful, or just an excuse people use for NOT engaging and accomplishing what they want?

What could be the benefit to anyone to recoil and react on these types of stories? 

How is it, despite it all, we see demand for homes, multiple offers, prices still rising, and those winning offers and closing on homes every day?

Maybe the focus needs to be on a successful outcome, not in an excuse not to try?

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