What’s the TRUE COST?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2024

When you talk options, be sure your clients know the true cost of their choices. I have had a number of conversations recently where my clients have won deals because they put the client in a position to succeed by sharing the true cost of their choices. We spoke a few months ago as we approached the end of the year and I suggested you drive the conversation around getting into a home prior to the beginning of the year, and the increase in demand that often creates. Some shared, others didn’t. Those that did are seeing their clients in homes that they secured at prices that are significantly lower than they would be right now, as well as the cost of that home a few more months from now. It’s simple, supply/demand is in favor of the seller. When sellers are in control, the cost to buy is higher and the competition is greater. As we approach the spring market, the demand will only grow higher, and so will prices. If we just use 5% appreciation rates, a $300K home costs $1,250 more in a month from now. A $400K house costs almost $1,700 more each month. How much has waiting cost someone that chose to wait from November until now? $5,000? $10,000? More?

The same case can be made for looking at the choices people have made when it comes to their outstanding debts. The largest overlook people make is the cost of that car they just had to buy! Maybe it’s the cost of two cars? But does the client realize the true cost of that choice? Do they know that at a 7% interest rate that every $100 in car payment reduces the amount of mortgage you can qualify for by more than $15,000? So, when we look at $500, $600, $700 a month or more in car payments, is that choice worth $75,000, $90,000, or over $100,000 in mortgage value? The same holds true for boats, RV’s, campers, credit cards, and other installment debt. Knowing the true cost can be life changing. Providing that information allows your client to understand their choices and how one choice can impact another. It also shows that as a true professional, you are sharing information that allows your client to make informed choices.

While people might not always make the best choices, they tend to make better choices when they are aware of all their options and how those choices impact other opportunities! As always, if you have questions or comments, it’s [email protected]


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