What we know that they don't!

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2023

Another week, and another group of people who are shocked by the reality of the markets. To some people it wasn’t a surprise that pending home sales were UP .8% instead of the projected -2.3%. Those that were projecting, didn’t know what we all were seeing, interest is up, credit pulls are up, pre-approvals are UP! So of course we have people making offers and properties going under contract!

Rates are an excuse, not a reason. Anyone who thinks it’s about rates, really needs to understand how to calculate payments and explain that the interest rate on renting is 100%, FOREVER!

Inventory isn’t an excuse, it’s an OPPORTUNITY! If you can’t find an agent that can understand that, then go explain it to an agent so that they can, then work with them until they DO! How are all these homes going under contract if there isn’t any inventory?

What we know that they don’t is that every day people buy houses and the vast majority of them are going to use a mortgage in one way or another. Are there less loan opportunities then there were before? Sure, but you aren’t going to land a deal if you aren’t WORKING a plan that gets you in front of them. Everyone that closes a loan today in your market didn’t hate you. They just didn’t know you were an option for them to choose from! 

Get up, get to work, get in the GAME! For help with specific strategies, you can go to the website or email me: [email protected]


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