Why Do We Support Those Trying To Put Us Out Of Business?

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

It almost seems like a joke, nobody would really support anything that has a sole purpose of putting you out of business would they? You would think that would be true, but as I have been talking about for the past few years, Realtors® and lenders alike are doing just that!

Zillow has announced record profits. Yes, they also announced that they are opening up offices to List, Sell, Buy, and provide financing for real estate in the following cities:

  • Austin
  • San Diego
  • Tampa
  • Los Angeles
  • Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • Minneapolis/St Paul
  • Nashville
  • Orlando
  • Portland Oregon

They join current locations in:

  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • Atlanta
  • Denver
  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Houston
  • Riverside
  • Dallas
  • Miami

So with all of this going on, and the increasing expansion into more and more markets, when do you think people will begin to wise-up and think about what it is they are doing?

As I said before, you are either transactional or relational; if you continue to focus on transactional lending by buying leads, understand that you are supporting people who are looking to end business as you know it.

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