Win with One!


One grain of sand does not a beach make; but without that first grain of sand, there is no starting point of the process that creates the beach. The same holds true for mortgage professionals in all aspects of the business. No one thing is everything in our business, but if you don’t start with that one thing, you can’t build a practice!

Diversification of your opportunities is something I have talked about for many years, but too many people try to do it all at once, and end up with not much of anything. The purpose of today’s post is to share the importance of just starting with ONE! Do just one thing, do it completely and correctly, and then move on to whatever is next. If there is nothing else to be done, prepare for what may come next, or be satisfied that you accomplished something you intended on doing and you did it well!

You see the power comes from duplication of being correct and complete. If you are new and it takes you a long time to input a file into your system, don’t worry about it, and just be sure you have done it correctly and completely and repetition over time will improve the speed at which the action occurs. You see, if you focus on complete and correct, speed will come; focus on speed, and completeness and correctness may NEVER occur! Besides, doing something slowly and correctly once is ultimately better in the long run than repeatedly working quickly and doing it WRONG!

The same thing holds true with referral partners and building valued relationships. It is far better to build one value based relationship at a time over a number of different professionals who see the VALUE in how you do your business and the quality of the customer experience over time. Sometimes LESS ends up being MORE because you are working with like-minded people. One great relationship will lead to the others. All the possible players in your area who are like-minded and quality driven will find you one at a time, simply by being consistently excellent in what you do! You don’t need to do business with everyone! You just need to do exceptional business one quality experience at a time and repeat that process again and again.

We are experiencing a very challenging time all across the country. It is not surprising that during these times that the best and most professional people I know are setting records for deals and dollar volume. It isn’t because over the last few months they spent more money on marketing. It isn’t because they put together another desk rental or paid for someone’s leads. It is because the best of the best picked up the phone and called their people to see how they were doing. They talked to clients and referral partners and shared the common experience. They answered questions and provide honest options and solutions to those around them. They also said NO to people who thought about making bad choices. They explained that what may seem like a good idea might result in future disaster. Most of all, they listened and provided information, education, and options so their clients and referral partners could make informed choices. Those informed choice lead to purchases, refinances, pre-approvals, and a path to smart home ownership for those who could not make a move today; but will have an opportunity to make a great choice tomorrow!

A year ago, if anyone would have told you that there would be no sports, no concerts, to personal contact, quarantine, a pandemic ravaging the world causing the markets to drop, 20+ million unemployed, and an uncertain time when we could find “normal” again; and in that very time, people could be setting personal and company production records for purchases and refinances because they reached out and just TALKED to their people and listened to them and shared this experience; you might not have believed it! But to tell you the truth; it doesn’t surprise me at all!

 Great job! Keep it up! Just keep winning one great personal experience at a time!

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