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The results have been nothing short of amazing. So many of you are having record production months, and for some, the numbers are really special. You just have to see that the plan of keeping connected to your clients and referral partners during the shutdown has, and will continue to produce results!

More and more people are heading out to buy houses each day. I am seeing originators referring listings to their agents at a pace I have never seen before. The power of the “Forever Home Strategy” has never been greater. Two originators even took to the field to leave fliers on doorsteps expressing the opportunities to either refinance or to sell and buy, and where met with two loan opportunities in just one hour! Using the strategies and staying connected to your community with information is really producing results!

For managers or originators who have been thinking about growing their teams; now is a great time to make a plan to recruit your next key player or players for your team. As the recent college graduates struggle to find that first job, you have a unique opportunity to hire a well-qualified and eager team member. Assistants, junior processors, production partners, and new junior originator candidates could be right in your own backyard! The best part is, they have plenty of experience in “Learning” new systems and technology; and at the same time they don’t come in having to be retrained or broken of bad habits! The high volume of business provides an excellent source of teaching the “tools of the trade”, and the availability of a highly educated workforce coming into the market could be a great investment in your business!

Remember, not all areas and markets are the same. Not all people have the same opinions as to how quickly people should be engaging the markets. You are not there to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do; you are there to inform your people and provide options for them to make an informed choice!

If you have a great success story, please share it with us. I do get feedback every week from my weekly coaching calls, but many of you who read these posts or watch the videos are not weekly clients and I would love to hear from you! 

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